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Module 1 – Traffic Laws

Welcome!   PARENT TAUGHT LLC NOW ALLOWS YOU TO TAKE THE PERMIT TEST ONLINE. Parents and Teens you now have many choices.  You can take the course, complete all the modules, and then come back and take the permit test. Or, you can complete module 1 and pass the quiz. Then you can take the [...]

Permit Test- click here

Parent Taught Drivers ed LLC course 134 You have now finished Module 1 and passed the quiz. Now you are ready for the real DPS permit test.  When you finish your test and pass it, please email us your scores just in case we do not get them.  At that time, we will email you [...]

Module 2 – Driver Preparation

You can now take your permit test if you pass Module 1 quiz. remember to finish all the modules and quizzes. Should have a certificate sent to within 24 hours or the time you email us your permit scores. EMAIL us at :