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There will be a DOCUMENT (and video) in Module Zero of your WorkCenter to show you what is REQUIRED before going to the TX DPS.

We want YOU to avoid avoid embarrassment and/or unnecessary trips.

General assistance is available by calling the office helpline at 210-610-3119 and/or by sending email to are both available.

Need Technical Support?

Tech-help office hours for Tyler the tech guy is Mon-Fri between 830a-5p for the fixing of data.

The doctor is currently in.

Everything runs on data. Is something broken, stuck, or incorrect? Contacxt GENERAL HELP with your data fix needs. If the problem is beyond their ability, the folks at GENERAL HELP will directly contact the Tyler the tech guy directly to support GENERAL HELP.

Many questions are answered in the FAQs linked above or by calling the General Helpline.

TIP #1: Please, students & parents ... know how your WorkCenter works.

TIP#2: Validate the capability of your device's ability to display and handle PDFs.

Coursework Completion ...
You have 10 months from your original date of enrollment (purchase) to complete your coursework to obtain a DE964 to obtain your State of Texas Drivers License.
Please Select A
FAQ Section Below
A Before-You-Begin List of Recommended Reads by Texas DPS
Account Creation
Account Types
Additional Requirements
All About Coursework (Learning or Teaching)
All About the VOE
Best Practices
Cancellation / Refunds
DE-964 Certificate
Driving Test
Getting Official Texas Documents
Instruction Guide, Classroom Logs, & 30-Hour Driving Logs,
ITTD (Impact Texas Teen Driver)
Learner Permit
Learner Permit Testing
Parent Inelligibilty
PayPal and Payment Processing
Provisional License
State Approvals and Certifications
System Passwords
Taking Quizzes & Permit Test
Technical / Web Browser (incl. PDFs)
Transfers - Does / Can ____ Transfer to ____ ?
WorkCeneter Questions
Account Creation
How to I create a new account?
It all starts by clicking the big green CREATE ACCOUNT button on the home page or below.

(on this FAQ, clicking the CREATE ACCOUNT button will open up a separate browser tab that you can use to create the account while having this FAQ available as a step-by-step guide)

Once the ACCOUNT TYPE selection page loads, for a majority of families that have a single student wanting a single DE964 for their one child, the PARENT CHILD selection is already selected for you .. scroll down and click the big green button below...

For those of you that might have more than one child enrolled in the course at the same time, you should choose the INSTRUCTOR / STUDENT .. then click the big green button below...

The page now changes to ask for the US Postal Zip Code of your home address. There are some regions in the USA that do share the same zip code. For most people, enter your zip code and click the now familiar PROCEED button.

If your region does have more than one towns that share the same zip code, the page will refresh and give you the opention to select which one is yours. Then PROCEED.

The next page, for Parent/Child types is the page that has the students info to be printed on the DE964. For Instructor/Student types, this is the Instructor Information Page.

The main difference between the two is that if you are entering a student, there will be a course selection at the bottom. Instructors do not get that choice.

For anybody entering information on this screen the rules are: All the fields must be filled in, Usernames have to be unique in the database, Passwords have to match ... twice.

For STUDENT INFORMATION being entered, the first name, last name, middle initial, gender, and date of birth have to be what you will be confirming at the TX DPS with the different documents you take there. All of the other fields can a parental or other guardian info.

Please ensure that you provide the students name and birthday in all correspondence. We use this to determine which student's work center needs assistance.
If you have a homeschool and your students does not go to a public high school, it is OK to write homeschool inthe blank for public high school.

For students, select a course in the bottom half of the page.

For instructors, there is no course selection. .. click PROCEED.

If there are errors (something is empty, or username is not unique, or the passwords to not match) it will say so near the top of the page and tell you what to correct. Correct the entries, click PROCEED. This will be repeated as often as necessary to pass.

Once it passes, you will be on the shopping cart page (if a Parent/Child account). For Instructor/Student accounts, you have finished your first loop through registration and have now entered the student entry phase. For you, it will repeat the previous steps of ZIP CODE ENTRY through the STUDENT INFORMATION and COURSE selection previously mentioned.

To add a 2nd student to the Instructor/Student type, there will be a "Add Student" link in the left-hand side (of the instructors account) that will allow you to cycle through the addition of another student as previously performed.

Once everybody is registered and the courses are selected, you will be at the shopping cart page.

To continue, you must click the ACCEPT TERMS button.

For those with a promo code, the Promo Code entry field is now visible. You can enter your promo code to receive a discount of some variety.

For those that need to migrate your accounts to version 2.0, you need to obtain the promo code from the general help desk line as seen in the left-hand navigation strip.

If you enter a promo code, click the ENTER button next to it. If your promo code discounts the entire cost of the product, then you will see a big PURCHASE button that you need to click. Applying a promo code isn't enough, you actually have to click that PURCHASE button to make the coursework available to you. The PURCHASE button puts it in your shopping cart.

If you pay with real money, then there are payment options available. Click those to make the payment. Some payment options will whisk you away to a payment merchant (PayPal). If you successfully complete payment, you will be returned to our "Thank You" page. If you cancelled while out there, you will be returned to the shopping cart.

If you pay at the payment merchant, and we receive confirmation that your payment was received, the Thank You page may initially cycle as a yellow traffic signal showing we are awaiting payment confirmation. Once confirmed, it will give a green traffic signal and give you a LINK in the description to where your coursework is located.

Once your transaction is complete, your coursework is available to you. You will see a big yellow VIEW COURSEWORK button at the top that looks just like this...

After you click to enter the WorkCenter of the student, you will see a grid of multi-colored task tiles that form the WorkCenter. Task tiles are mostly colored red (closed), yellow (waiting), and green (open) plus a few other colors. Module ZERO is an informational module that requires NO CLICKS. It does instruct the new student how to proceed with the first triple-wide graphic seen in the left-most side of the row. It looks like this:

That gives the person working the WorkCenter the clue as to HOW it operates with three rules. You start by clicking the first GREEN (open) tile in Module 1, then Click the bright yellow "View Coursework" button as seen before to refresh the WorkCenter. Then repeat those two steps as often as necessary working the grid of tiles from left- to right- and top- to bottom- as the newly opened task tiles change from red to green.

The Work Center traffic sign info image (and link to go to the WorkCenter info page looks like this

Sometimes, with an online driving school of 1000s of students, a tile will stick a color and not change for the student. It usually happens once or twice a day spread out over the whole system as many students use it at the same time. When that happens, get the tech-guy's number on the left side, send a quick text message to him saying something simple like Student X has stuck tile Y Where X is the name of the Student and Y is the location of the stuck tile. Once he sees this, he will access the account and see for himself. If stuck, he will unstick it and send a message back. If NOT STUCK, then you will receive a message to refresh your screen. Always refresh your screen before sending a message to the tech center. There is no such thing as too much refreshing the WorkCenter. Click the green task tiles, then refresh, then the next green, then refresh, then the next green, refresh, etc, etc, etc.

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