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There will be a DOCUMENT (and video) in Module Zero of your WorkCenter to show you what is REQUIRED before going to the TX DPS.

We want YOU to avoid embarrassment and/or unnecessary trips.

We offer the DPS road test. Please call 281-345-4177 for more information.

We can test you today. for more information.

We can test you today.

General assistance is available by calling the office helpline at 210-610-3119 (San Antonio), 214-983-1554 (Dallas), 281-345-4177 (Houston), 409-748-8044 (Beaumont), or 806-414-8832 (West TX) and/or by sending email to are both available.

Coursework Completion ...
You have 10 months from your original date of enrollment (purchase) to complete your coursework to obtain a DE964 to obtain your State of Texas Drivers License.
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DE-964 Certificate
My Learner's Permit DE964 has VOID VOID VOID over the top half of the certificate. Why?

If you scroll the web page down to the bottom, you will see the bottom half that the DPS needs. That part of the DE964 is removed from the VOIDed upper half and turned into the DPS as one of the documents required to obtain a learner's permit for your student.

When your student is through with the coursework, the green DE964 operator's tile will be available to produce a DE964 that has the upper half filled out for the return trip to the DPS to obtain a drivers license from the state of Texas.

On the second trip to the DPS, you can cut off the lower half that was already used to obtain the permit and leave it at home. They will already have that on file.

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