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There will be a DOCUMENT (and video) in Module Zero of your WorkCenter to show you what is REQUIRED before going to the TX DPS.

We want YOU to avoid avoid embarrassment and/or unnecessary trips.

General assistance is available by calling the office helpline at 210-610-3119 and/or by sending email to are both available.

Need Technical Support?

Tech-help office hours for Tyler the tech guy is Mon-Fri between 830a-5p for the fixing of data.

The doctor is currently out (The Tech-Help Window closed at 5p).

Everything runs on data. Is something broken, stuck, or incorrect? Contacxt GENERAL HELP with your data fix needs. If the problem is beyond their ability, the folks at GENERAL HELP will directly contact the Tyler the tech guy directly to support GENERAL HELP.

Many questions are answered in the FAQs linked above or by calling the General Helpline.

TIP #1: Please, students & parents ... know how your WorkCenter works.

TIP#2: Validate the capability of your device's ability to display and handle PDFs.

Coursework Completion ...
You have 10 months from your original date of enrollment (purchase) to complete your coursework to obtain a DE964 to obtain your State of Texas Drivers License.
Select an Account Type ...

Please see the FAQ about Account Types before proceeding.

Please Select Closest Description of Your Service Type:
Account Service Type Choice Description
Parent / Child Account Type

Not for professional instructors. The Texas DE-964 will be created for our child.

The person registered to this account will have a TX DE964 created for himself or herself.

This is a one-time use. Others can be added at a later date.
Professsional Instructor with Students

This is for professional instructors. A professional instructor registers and creates an account.

Then the INSTRUCTOR will register and assign a course for each STUDENT.

The Texas DE-964 will be created for the registered STUDENTS. It is important that the information entered for the students is correct.

The Texas DE964 will be printed from the registration entry.

More students may be added at a later date.


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